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Weight / Inch Loss

Personalized Programs

Targeted Body Sculpting

Amazing Results …Naturally! 

  1. (8-weeks Body Challenge) 

  2. Individual Weight Loss Programs with Money Back Guarantee  

  3. Customized Complete Body Make Over Packages 

Each client is assessed personally before treatments commence so duration of time and costs Will vary individually according to outcome of the Figure Analysis and recommended programs.


We specialize in:

  • Weight Loss & Inch Loss

  • Targeted Body Shaping

  • Firm & Toned Skin

  • Active & Passive Treatments



We work with you to create individual programs to suit your own personal needs. Our Weight Loss Program focuses on reducing unwanted fat without losing muscle mass or water weight. Do you have problem areas? In order to shape your figure and smooth your skin, problematic areas of your body need to be targeted. This is exactly how the ZFIT method works.

Your personal consultant will begin with a precise and comprehensive body measurement and figure-analysis of key parts of your body, including weight and body fat. Losing inches off your problem areas is the primary objective. As you progress, your personal consultant will take measurements periodically and adjust your personalized routine until you attain your desired results.

We combine multiple modalities including personal training and nutrition and lifestyle. Each individual is unique, so we create a Smarter Training Program specifically for you. 

Personal One-on-One training especially customized for your needs. This is an individual program with guaranteed results which includes the following:

- Health and Fitness Assessment with Figure Analysis
- Meet with our Personal Coach 3 times per week for a 60 minute workout
- Follow our Nutritional Guidelines (in with the good - out with the bad)
- Nutritional Supplements (to supercharge your body with the nutrients it needs)
- Detox and Cleanse Products (to pull the toxins and fat out of your system)


Above mentioned Services are offered at our local ZFIT-Studio for Wellness & Performance in Los Angeles

in collaboration with our Partners and also available internationally as well as via our Remote Online Solutions