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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do Voxx socks ‘work’?

Simply put, there are receptors in your feet that are stimulated by the Voxx HPT technology woven into the band under the foot that sends signals to the brain stem. It's a little bit like completing a circle and puts your body into balance. Depending on where your body needs help (peripheral nervous system, endocrine, respiratory or sensory to name a few), the technology in the socks will start working on you.

How does HPT work?

HPT is exclusive, proprietary and scientifically proven in independent testing. VoxxLife studied decades of research in brainstem functionality and the peripheral nervous system. They reviewed latest research into sensory mechano-receptor mapping, brain activity correlated to acupuncture, dermatome stimulation and somatic pathways.

How quickly will they ‘work’?

Everyone is different.  Some people there is an instant sensation of tingling or buzzing but for others, nothing is initially noticeable. Persist and see what differences they make to you.  From anecdotal evidence there seems to be a cumulative effect so that the more you wear them, the better it is.

What are the benefits of wearing Voxx socks and soles?

HTP can reduce pain, increase strength, circulation, stability, endurance, balance as well as enhance movement and reaction times.

When should I stop wearing them?

If you experience lethargy, headaches or feel unwell, take a break for a few hours or a day.  This is a sign of detox so allow your body time to adjust and let it rest. 

How do I wash them?

Turn your socks inside out to avoid any piling. Warm or cold machine wash is ideal. Line dry or flat dry, do not tumble dry. To preserve the condition of your socks, avoid putting them in the dryer. The dryer won't ruin the technology but avoiding it will extend their life.

How do I know which socks to choose?

Let’s discuss your sock requirements! The Wellness socks are recommenced for wide feet and solid ankles for their relaxed fit.

If you have wide feet but prefer a snug fit, the Athletic No-Show socks are an ideal choice. 

For slim or average feet, the Athletic No-Shows, Athletic Crew and Athletic Mini-Crew are all good options. 

We should note that the Athletic Crew socks are a narrow fit and feel like a compression sock (whilst making no claims to be compression socks). So if you prefer a crew height but do not have thin ankles and calves, we suggest you try the Wellness range.

What are the features of the Voxx Athletic Stasis sock range?

The Athletic sock range is designed to support a wide range of athletic activities. They provide an incredible fit and come in a wide variety of styles.  Features include:

- Extra padding on the toes and heels for high impact areas

- Venting above and below the toes for air flow 

- Arch support to keep the socks nice and snug against the foot

- Moisture wicking to keep the feet dry and reduce blisters

- Antibacterial to fight odour

What are the features of the Voxx Wellness sock range?

Voxx wellness socks are our most comfortable, seamless, non-binding sock for everyday wear. 

They are especially recommended for people suffering from diabetes and swelling.

Wellness socks feature extra padding on the bottom for extra comfort and will not fall to your ankles.

What are the features of the Voxx Bliss insoles?

Lack of stability and balance account for 95% of foot and back pain issues. Voxx insoles optimise the users stability and balance at the nervous system.  They are designed for any user who wants ultimate comfort, wellness and performance in whatever they do. Voxx insoles can fit into almost any shoe with an easy trim-to-fit design.

What is the best way to wash Voxx Socks?

The socks can be machine washed. Turn the socks inside out, wash in warm water and hang to dry.

Should I wear my Voxx Life Stasis Socks all the time?

The socks should be worn on a daily basis, especially by people experiencing pain.

Can they or should they, be worn to bed?

If you suffer from pain at night you should definitely wear them to bed. The Voxx Life Stasis Wellness Socks or Voxx Life Stasis Athletic No-Show Socks are ideal for night wear.

I already have orthotics. Can I still wear the Voxx Life Stasis Socks?

You can wear any of our Voxx Socks along with your orthotics. We recommend you try the Voxx Insoles at some point as you may find our Insoles just as good, if not better and cheaper then most orthotics. Many customers have switched to the insoles in place of their orthotics.

Are Voxx Socks and Insoles covered by my drug plan?

Due to so many different plans we suggest you ask your carrier or medical practitioner.

How often do I need to replace my Voxx Socks?

The Socks are 200 needle thread count so are quite durable. The life of the sock depends on each individual. There is a 30 day money back policy. If the Sock gets a hole in pattern on the bottom, the Sock will no longer be beneficial.

What benefits will I receive from the socks and insoles?

The documented results and benefits arising from the products incorporating the VOXX HPT pattern are as follows: enhances pain relief and management, especially PDN pain, improved postural stability and balance, and higher mobility and overall energy levels. Therefore, Voxx Life Stasis Socks have impacted people with brain injuries, MS, Parkinson’s, migraines, different types of arthritis, sciatica pain, foot pain, restless leg Syndrome, leg cramps, and many more.

Are there any negative effects from wearing the socks?

If you are experiencing a negative feeling, try taking the socks off for an hour and then try them again. The brain may need to adapt to the new sensory input and for some this may take a short adjustment over a few days so gradually increase the amount of time you wear the socks each day. Most people will notice immediate results but for others it may take 2 weeks or more so be sure to wear the socks for 29 days before giving up. To test the benefits take the socks off for one day and you will notice how much better things were when you had them on.

Is there a Money Back Guarantee?

We have a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee. If you want a refund or need to exchange them for another size (if unopened) email us at or call me toll free at (310) 573-9000 (PDT)

What are Voxx Socks made with?

Athletic Socks are: 70% Nylon – 27% Polyester – 3% Spandex Athletic Linen (Liner) Content: 62% Nylon – 33% Polyester – 5% Spandex Wellness Socks are: 70% Cotton – 25% Polyester – 3% Spandex – 2% Nylon

Can I buy Voxx products at a discount?

Yes you can purchase a membership for an annual fee of $40. This will make you a Voxx Member and you can purchase products with an automatic 25% discount. There are no minimum purchase requirements to maintain your membership. You have no obligation to sell products or sponsor anyone. For more information visit the Opportunity/Join page.

Is there a proper way to wear Voxx Life Stasis Socks?

Yes. For the most beneficial affect the orange woven pattern on the bottom of all the socks must be centered and must cover the ball of your foot (the main bottom part/pad of your foot behind your toes). The Voxx Life Athletic Socks have dashed lines sewn into them on the top toe area. These lines should be positioned just below the toes.

When shopping, how come I don't see the product and/or the size I want?

The VoxxLife on-line ordering system only shows the products, colors and sizes that are currently in stock and available to ship at that moment.

New shipments come in all the time so if you don’t see the product you require you can check back on the site every few days or contact us with what you need to order and we can notify you when they are available.




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