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Cellulite Treatment



ZFIT's innovative cellulite treatment a unique combination system that integrates a successful European body wrap concept, exercise, nutrition, and exclusive ZFIT bodywork.


European Wrap Concept

Specially developed S.L.I.M.wear (Super.Light.Individual.Modeling wear = FoilSuit, WrapSuit and WrapBelt) and high-quality herbal extracts which are worked into the skin in an optimum way to reduce the effects of cellulite.

Active Exercise
- Smovey Vibroswing - System
- Nordic Walking

Passive Treatment
- Bemer bio-physical technology
- ZRT Therapy

Nutritional Therapy
- Removes toxins



ZFIT Cellulite Treatment triggers the body's natural processes

- Activation of the Lymph Flow (dissolved toxic substances, acids, and metabolic waste products are removed)
- Improved Blood Circulation even in the deepest tissue layers
- Agglutinated cell compounds are broken up
- Optimized cell supply
- Activation of metabolism based on the strengthening of the muscles and an increased after-burn effect due to release of energy after the treatment
- De-acidification and detoxification of the connective tissue
- Reduced body measurements due to tissue lifting and drainage of fluid and accumulations


- Targeted body shape corrections on thighs, stomach, and buttocks
- Reduction and even removal of cellulite
- Smooth, lifted and taut skin and tissue appearance


Above mentioned Services are offered at our local ZFIT-Studio for Wellness & Performance in Los Angeles

in collaboration with our Partners and also available internationally as well as via our Remote Online Solutions