General Consultation for Our Services

General Consultation for Our Services


General Consultation (30 Minutes @ $90.00)
30 Minute Consultation Covers All Of Our Services

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Health & Fitness Assessment

Your personal consultant will conduct a general body and healing assessment. As you progress, your personal consultant will reassess your health periodically and adjust your personalized routine until you attain your desired results.

The "Health" Assessment consists of filling out an extensive questionnaire. From that questionnaire, we can see the health of your: Large Intestine, Small Intestine, Upper GI, Liver, Gall Bladder, Mineral Needs, Essential Fatty Acids, Vitamin Needs, Cardiovascular, and other internal organs. Once we see what needs help, we can create a specific plan especially for your needs.

The "Fitness" Assessment consists of checking your resting heart rate as well as your ability to perform certain exercises within a specified time. That will also give us a good guide to work from when putting together a health and fitness plan for you.